2-3-4 July 2021 ▪ Noordwijk Beach ▪ The Netherlands


Become a promoter for our Festival! 

For every ticket you sell you will receive €5,00 and the buyer receives a 10% discount on their ticket. If you want to become a promoter send us an email at promoter@hollandsalsabachatafest.com. You will receive a Promo-code that you can use for your buyers. When you sell 10 tickets or more you will receive a Full Pass to our event!

If you wish to perform at our Festival you can buy our Perfromers Pass for €65,00. This will allow you to perform at our event, showcase yourself to everyone and have full access to all workshops, shows & parties.

We will put you early in the evening so you can watch all the seasoned artists do their shows and be inspired!

We also have Kids Performers Passes! 

On sunday afternoon we give the oppurtunity to kids ages 8-17 years old to perform. Their Performers Pass is only €25,00! This will also allow them to participate in all the workshops & watch all the shows. Their are restrictions to the parties. The kids Pass allows full acces to the Matinee on Sunday afternoon and  access to the shows on Friday & Saturday night, not to the parties! Ages 16 years and older can be exempted from this with the permission from their parents, This is until Midnight only! Accompanying parents will have free acces to the event on Sunday afternoon, July 5th.

If you wish to perform and buy a Promoter Pass please fill in our special registrationform and send us a video of your last show/traningsvideo and/or social dancing. Please send your videos to performers@hollandsalsabachatafest.com.

Registrationform Perfomers Pass