Europe Woman Dance Fest 2022

Europe Woman Dance Fest is an event with workshops for female dancers in Europe & around the world!

An event for Ladies from the best Ladies!  All united for the love of dance! 

  • 10 September 2022 in Noordijk/Voorhout - The Netherlands
  • 2nd Edition Europe Woman Dance Fest!

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    Join us in this wonderful supportive event for Ladies and Female Salsa Dance Teachers in Europe and around the world! An event, all tailored for women. The focus will be just on you, your technique, how to move your body, your elegance, your femeninity and how to use that, with and without a partner! At night we will have a Social Party for everyone with Shows!

    12 Amazing female instructors from Europe, will teach classes at this event!  


    • 9.30: Registration starts
    • 10.30 - 17.30: Workshops
    • 19.30: Doors open
    • 20.00: Shows
    • 21.00: Party until......

    Classes will be with attention to Styling, Elegance, Femeninity, Bodymovement, Footwork feminine style, Posture, Isolations, Technique and so on.....

    All this will be done in many different styles such as: Salsa LA Style, Mambo on2, Cuban, Bachata, Pachanga, Chacha, Latin Burlesque, Ballet Technique and more.....

    *We have a Special Ballet Technique class from Irina Radtchenko. A very accomplished Ballet teacher who has been a performing Balletdancer in different countries. Her class is especially tailored for Salsa and Bachata dancers. She will teach you techniques for legs, arms, turns and posture, focussing on Estethics and Style, from the perspective of Classical Ballet Technique. Irina has been taking Salsa and Bachata classes, so she can really relate and adjust you in your Salsa and Bachata dancing!  Especially beneficial for those who really want to work on their tecnique, showdancing or teaching. Her class can only be bought in combination with a Full Pass. ONLY 20 SPOTS!

    First Instructors confirmed:

    1. Erica Spirito (Italy) - Salsa On1
    2. Sandy Ramos (Italy) - Salsa On1
    3. Anne Elise Wouters (Netherlands) Salsa On2
    4. Joy van Gogh - Bachata Passion (Netherlands) Bachata Dominican
    5. Irina Radtchenko (Netherlands/Russia) Ballet Technique

    and more to come..........!

    First Performers confirmed:

    1. Erica Spirito
    2. Anne Elise Wouters 

    If you have any questions please contact us!



    Extra Early Bird Full Pass for €49,00

    (additional servicecosts €1,21) 

    Terms & conditions:

    • Tickets are non-refundable.
    • Bring your ticket (printed or on your phone) with you for scanning.
    • If annulment of the event happens from our part, you will be notified and restitution will be made.

    Any questions? Contact us by email